Who am I?

A brief background as to who I am, Allison Arnzen

While working as a model in the fashion industry, I am an active a college student studying Communications / Journalism while in my school newspaper as advertising operations and a writer.

Before that, I am born and based in Southern California, I am raised as the youngest child of four. With extreme gratitude towards my parents, I have so much appreciation and love for the support at the foundation of my heart and soul. As I have grown older, I have become the aunt to three lovely little ones. I love the sun, my family, my friends, my dogs, and try to find gratitude in every day through anything.

photo by Tuan Pham

I started in the modeling industry at age 16, back in 2017. Through this, I have work experience in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Riverside County, to internationally in Milan, Italy. My first job was creating content on YouTube. Prior to my tween years, I would make content with family and stream it online as well as conduct “photoshoots”. With that in mind, this interest has continuously drawn me in.

With a vision, I have enjoyed writing and find creative expression in art within the fashion industry. Drawn in from a young age, I remember dreaming of a life like the one I have now. Though it is not identical and no where near perfect, I am continuing to learn and find a true vision as to the right fit and meaning in the midst of everything the world has to offer. I have particular taste, but I am open to what is in store for me.

While I am continuing to evolve into an adult, one thing has remained constant in childhood and into adolescence. I have always been passionate to learn, inspire, help, and grow. Through this all, I am eager to continue to explore and see the world as I continue to find who I am.

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