A Season of Change

May 2021

Fresh Florals at the Farmer’s Market

In the midst of spring, the weather begins to warm, trees are growing, as flowers blossom.

Springtime is often attributed as a time of awakening and rebirth. This is evident in nature and within ourselves, as we embrace this time as we transition out of winter.

Spring Time

Born on April 7th, 2001, I celebrate my birthday during this season annually. This year especially, the sense of rebirth has impacted me in personal and spiritual development, as I grow and evolve with the season. As I concluded the last bit of my time as a teenager, this shift affected me significantly. In reflection, this has been met with bliss to embrace this period.

Oftentimes, I have felt present in the living body of which my mental state was surpassed. In other words, it has seemed I felt older than I am. Growing up, this was shown as I have been told I am “beyond my years” throughout what seems the entirety of my life, thus far. With birthdays in particular, I annually am met with a sense of uncertainty as I move forward into each year, unexpectant to what is in the present, unforeseeable.

Looking into the future may bring a sense of uncertainty at times, knowing we cannot plan or prepare for quite everything that is brought our way. Recently returning home from staying abroad in Milan, Italy for work purposes, I was fortunate to be brought with lucidity and reassurance for my aspirations at this point. Clarity has brought distinction with the ongoing pursuit of my ambitions as a creative. Entering 20 years of life, with 20/20 vision, there is a sense of comfort and acceptance of my efforts in making my dreams as part of my reality.

Giardini Indro Montanelli in Milan, Italy

While we cannot expect anything, our appreciation for all life brings as we work toward accomplishments toward our goals may lead us to the answers we seek. Along the path we take, come the choices we make and actions we take. In doing so, these lead us perfectly – imperfectly finding our inner destiny. Once you feel compelled with a sense of calling, taking risks and chances are necessary to achieve our destiny.

Welcoming the idea that some people, places, and things in our life are brought to us for a reason, season, or a lifetime, has been a quote which has resonated with me. In making decisions and taking leaps, I have thanks to my therapist for helping me understand we know what is rational and realistic in this sense. To elaborate, we know ourselves best and can evaluate what we do. With that in mind, along our journey, it is inevitable we are to make mistakes.

Risks are essential to be taken. In pushing our comfort zone, we push the boundaries. If we hold back, we are only left with “what-ifs”, “what could be’s”, and others left unknown. Though at times easier said than done, acting on these questions can provide the answers we seek. With courage and confidence, some of the possibilities in our ventures will bring us to the fate we anticipate. In our heads, it is much easier to sit back as thoughts of anxieties leave us in wonder. Dwelling on the past or worry in the future only holds us back from being able to enjoy our presence in the mystery of now.

April 4, 2021

With efforts in self acceptance, love, and light, I welcome springtime, as we turn the page to summer. In thanks to what was and appreciation for what will someday be. Seeking to optimize every moment that I am fortunate to see. For there is more warmth, blooming, and growth to come. Everything happens in divine timing as part of our purpose in this beautiful, ever-changing world of endless possibilities.

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