Perfectly Imperfect Purpose

June 07, 2021

Woman sitting on window seat arching back with head looking to the sky
“Window Seat” March 2021 in Milan, Italy

The idea of “divine timing”, and what it means in my life, today.

When we endure challenges in our life, we often consider the idea of “everything happens for a reason”. Sometimes, this may be contradicted with “right person, wrong time”. On other occasions supported, with “wrong time, wrong place”. All too frequently, I have found myself and others seeking to grasp control on situations which are beyond our capabilities.

This does not seek to de-validate or belittle the struggles we face. Whether the growth or lesson is visible in the moment or rather, down the line, each event in our lives is a tool in paving the way of our present as we proceed toward the future. Time is ever-changing, constantly flowing. There is no doubting that, with no stop either. It is up to us to take the initiative on adjusting our perspective and how we optimize acceptance of this.

Sometimes we have to acknowledge our contributions which have an impact versus those of which exceed our parameters. Often times, we endure hardships that ultimately lead to something greater than we could expect. While we can gage a concept and idea as we follow in pursuit of our dreams, we must be open to what the universe has to offer us as well.

“Divine Timing”. This concept is expressed by Denby Sheather, Shamanic Therapist at Yoga Spirit Journeys, stating “Once you’ve experienced this, you will never doubt the mysterious and magical ways of the universe again.”.

Essentially, this theory acknowledges the topic of time and how we spend it. Reinforcing the idea of our inabilities to fully understand everything, however honoring the ways we live in the now – with love and light.

Young girl watching the waves crash at a beach sunset
Watching the sunset as a child

Our energy and mindset becomes the barrier between thoughts and the outcomes. Keeping that in mind, this does not mean we necessarily anticipate things to happen exactly as we plan. Instead, this expresses how we respond and utilize this as we approach what we may not have accounted for initially.

There is no fixed timeline or path in pursuit of your goals. You are perfectly imperfect as you are, and there is beauty in this. Each and every day, with every breath, you are living in a time unlike any other as you seek your greater purpose in this world. Remember your inner child, as you kinder that youthful spirit and dreamlike perspective. Be patient toward yourself, trust your intuition, and explore the avenues as you manifest your future into reality.

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