Trendy Autumn Pieces

In 2020, new trends in fashion have inevitably made their way back into the limelight. As this year has provided a deeper creation of intentional styling within many, certain pieces have taken back traction in the social media scene.

Pleated skirts. In 2020, pleats have made their way as a hot item brought back into the light. Skirts provide a diverse selection in ways to be worn in both warm and cold months. Add more warmth with tights or stockings, or keep it as is.

Sweater tops. Sweater vest mania! These months have established a greater appreciation of a clothing piece which became merely overlooked. Atop other articles or worn as is, this is a perfect piece for the autumn and winter months which has impacted into a trend this year especially.

Cardigans. A simple, classic cardigan. The options are endless on the ways you can pair this. In comfort, this can be casually draped overtop an outfit, worn as a top, or styled in any other way. An underrated staple in any wardrobe.

Headbands. Hair accessories have seemingly always existed, however they have gained more traction as this year has brought increased attention towards completing an outfit. This piece can dress up or dress down any look depending on how you wear it.

flat lay of outfit
flat lay
Mirror image on phone of fall outfit.
the full look

And as for shoes… A chunky shoe pairs perfectly with an outfit like this. Wear as you please, however. Whether it be a sneaker, a boot, or otherwise – the options are endless.

From my middle school closet, I pulled this top. The cardigan, skirt, and boots were all found second hand. As a matter of fact, I used the cardigan and skirt as part of my uniform for the private high school I attended part time. The boots, Doc Marten. The headband, a simple find I’ve also had in my closet for ages.

In consideration of the aspects discussed, all signs point to “preppy”. This proper aesthetic allows for versatility in the weather, season, and details as you make it your own. In and out of a school or work environment, this outfit is a twist on the traditional look.

With that in mind, some things never go out of style. In a way to express yourself, individuality and personality allow for creativity in dressing according to what makes you feel best. With this seasons trends, stay true to you with your unique spin on articles of clothing notable as worn in the media. Keep doing as you like, there are no rules in fashion.

Arrival of Autumn

By: Allison Arnzen

September 30, 2020


Woman in field of leaves with friend in fall setting.
Woman in fall scenery. source Aline Viana Prado

Honoring the transition from summer to fall in food, fashion, and lifestyle.   

As the seasons change from summer to fall, the temperature lowers and leaves change color, there are certain familiarities that seem to make their way into the environment surrounding us. 

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Boots, leaves, mug, and books. source fotografierende

Autumn is the third season of the year, which spans from September to November. From the aromas in the air, to activities, to events, to food, and decor, these are a few areas impacted by this season. With the shift in season, individuals north of the equator are impacted in their daily lives and communities as things change around them.

As the United States celebrates this time, there are many familiar ways to participate in the seasons change to “fall”. Due to Covid-19, however, this may look a bit different than years past. Here are some ways to feel engaged in this season, while staying in line with California’s current recommended health guidelines for Covid-19.

Latte in a white mug beside small orange pumpkin.
Coffee and pumpkin. source Valeriia Miller

In food, beverage, and aromatics – pumpkin spice has become a familiar fragrance which fills the air. Along with other ingredients, it is frequently added into baked goods, coffees, and other recipes, though the spices were originally intended to be used in baking pumpkin pie. This scent and flavor brings a sense of nostalgia, though it is simply a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

Among the list of aromatic selections, often a blend of alternative spices, for example cinnamon, is associated with the fall season. While we relish pumpkin spice and cinnamon to eat, the season of fall seems to increase the usage of fragrance form with candles. In addition, other options to consider include apple, chai, vanilla, wood, nutty, leaves, and flannel scents. 

After we have filled the fall room with light and scents, candles are also used as decorations during these transitional months. Reader’s Digest’s architect and interior designer, Nina Cooke John, explains various ways to style your living space during this time.  She explains that implementing lights, using seasonal produce, adding textures, and welcoming the “colors of the season” are a few of John’s recommendations. She also recommends credited colors which involve an array of shades from red, to orange, yellow, tan, green, purple, in ranges of shades. While Covid-19 may increase the amount of time spent inside, arranging the home environment encourages a positive outlet to embrace these times. Whether you carve them, bake goods or pumpkin seeds, pumpkins are a classic staple of this time of year in the season and “Halloween” holiday.

Women dressed in fall tones sitting in pose by seasonal produce.
Woman sitting by produce. source Ash Valiente

Bringing in the energy of interior style may also act as inspiration to bring fall styles into one’s personal style. We can use fall colors, mixing patterns, and using various fabrics not only in your home, but in personal fashion as well. Whether sourcing from what you own or looking into thrifting or purchasing new pieces, pulling from the wardrobe allows for self expression and incorporation of the shift in season. As the weather begins to cool off, layering clothes is a way to show off your personal style in fall. Instyle’s Samantha Sutton embraces adapting not only the summer staples into fall. Sutton offers solutions to “combine fashion with comfort” with loungewear options as time spent at home increases due to the pandemic.