Fashion for a Feast

Reflecting on my growth and evolution through outfits worn to past Thanksgiving gatherings.

Thanksgiving 2018. 17 years old

This time of year brings emphasis to all we are grateful for. Family, friends, fashion, food. With reflection, change, and growth in the air – it is a time to see how far we come as we unite with our loved ones in celebration of the blessings we have.

While I am ever changing, my taste has continuously improved and evolved. With that in mind, through some hot and some not outfits, I always look forward to dressing up this time of year.


Starting with most recent, 2019. This past year I chose a simple outfit, but I loved it. The day was cold and rainy, unfortunately without many pictures aside from this one. I wore a black wrap dress from Express, though you cannot see it. Overtop, I wore a sweater with gold embellishments from my Aunt, with a silk wrap tied around my waist. For footwear, boots and long black socks added some dimension and warmth to this look. As final accessories, I wore gold leaf earrings passed from a family member and a gold necklace gifted from my Aunt as well. Quite literally a family day, and an outfit partially from the family.


Moving into 2018, one of my favorites. As I have grown older, it goes without saying my style has adapted and simulatenously improved. At this point in my life, I had grown into myself to start to discover what I truly feel best in wearing. The long curled hair with some hoops up high, with pointed patent faux-leather boots to toe. Again, a simple and comfortable look. A mauve-brown ruffled button up top with gold detailing. As for pants, these are basic black flare pants.


From there, we are brought to 2017. Here, it is visible that I am starting to discover who I truly am as I begin to emerge into young adulthood in the midst of my teen years. Very minimal, but still classic in that Fall spirit. A deep maroon top, tapered black pants, and boots, though not pictured. 2017 influence is high, found as worn with a lace choker and beaded nude necklace. The hair is pulled back, with a center part and waves.


Prior, we are brought to the start of my documented outfits. As it shows, I have come a long way, with certainly more room to grow and improve as I continue to evolve. Growing up, my sister, cousins, and myself have been known to take images surrounding all gatherings and events. This is beginning of high school me, though I am still young. I am dressed truly on brand to the time period and this era in my life. My hairstyle is half up half down with space buns. I dressed in an off white infinity scarf, grey cropped sweater, maroon skirt.

Also featured, the clearly edited lighting due to the use of filters… A prominent throwback in multiple aspects, with that said.

Through all considered, remember what you are thankful for. Not just for a season or a Thursday in November, but each and every day. Life is beautiful, as is progress. Looking back and sharing memories, spending quality time with those you love, and seeing how far you have come is truly valuable. Above all else, the moments create memories which last a lifetime, beyond any monetary value.

In one final note, dress up for you! As an alternative, dress down, if that is more to your preference. Whether it be simply to the living room during these times, a reason to document with photos, whatever is best to your liking as this season of life one unlike any other.

Be gentle to yourself as you are to others. Keep mindful, blissful, and safe. Celebrate with appreciation and love, as this time looks a bit different during this year.